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Bon Maxie Bon Voyage Travel Earrings Holder

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Bon Voyage to you and your earrings with this water-resistant acrylic + PVC pouch travel earring kit. Small enough to throw in a cosmetics bag and easily found with a bright pink zip.

Comes with dense sponge to help protect earring posts + spare rubber earring backs to help secure dangles or in case the originals are lost on holiday! 

So why can't you continue using your Glad Bag to take your earrings on your trip?
Well...we guess you could...if you like squished, soggy earrings. It's just that the Bon Voyage's features are extensive and thought-out:

1. It's ACRYLIC. I don't want you to get arrested at customs because you're carrying a piece wooden vegetable material in your luggage.
2. It's fine around WATER. When you're travelling, it's best to minimise water-affected items.
3. It's COMPACT - holds up to 15 pairs, but small enough to throw in your sponge bag.
4. PINK ZIP = easy to find.
5. PVC Bag = A-OK in your cosmetics bag so your lobe bling doesn't get mooshed with toothpaste.
6. CLEAR = you can easily see what you've brought.
7. Comes with a dense SPONGE - this is to keep the pouch's shape and protect earring posts from being squished.
8. Comes with SPARE EARRING BACKS to help secure dangles, or replace any originals that might disappear.
9. EXTRA LEGROOM for dangles, statement earrings, rings, bobby pins etc.
10. Etched with its name, so you remember to have a 'good trip'!
11. Actual pouch will have a Bon Maxie logo on it, so you remember to send us a postcard :)

Material: acrylic, eco sponge, rubber, PVC

Includes: PVC pouch, acrylic board, eco sponge, 40 rubber earring backs

Size: holds up to 15 pairs studs + dangles, 100mm wide with 135mm wide pouch


    Color: Purple