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Suki McMaster Bamboo Reusable Cup - Koala (Small)

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 As a homegrown Australian business, Suki McMaster has always been a supporter of championing local causes and initiatives. In light of the recent Queensland and New South Wales bushfires, Suki McMaster hopes to raise awareness about its impact on the habitats and wellbeing of Australian wildlife through the sale of our reusable bamboo cups. 

We have donated 100 of our reusable Koala design bamboo cups to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital for them to sell at their shop. We have also organized a very successful fund raise for the koala hospital in November to December 2019 and we will be continue working with the koala hospital in 2020z

We would also like to acknowledge the staff and volunteers at Port Macquarie Koala Hospital for their sacrifices and dedication in tending to all affected koalas. Thank you for partnering with Suki McMaster in our endeavour to support the conservation of Australian wildlife. 

Koala’s are always seen to be cuddly and sleepy but I want to break this image! I was inspired to draw the Koala dancing and having fun, after all, life is all about having fun!

Product Details

• High quality bamboo and plant based fibre. It is 100% biodegradable and food safe. It's nice to be part of the solution not part of of the problem. Be kind to the planet. 

• Measured: 10cm height 8cm diameter. Standard size for small coffee, 350ml

• Boxed 

Not for Oven and Microwave 

• Dishwasher Safe

• Stain proof

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