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Together We Are Stronger

Together We Are Stronger

Hello! ❤️

It feels wrong to start my blog with, “I hope all is well with you!” when in reality, all of us are anything but. The Ukraine war is all we can think about. It’s all we can talk about. It’s all we see when we scroll through our social media feeds. Closer to home, we have witnessed the devastation in South-east Queensland and Northern New South Wales by natural disaster. 😢

I am pretty sure every single one of us knows someone in the affected area. Some of our friends have their homes flooded and some of our suppliers have lost all their stocks. I cannot imagine how devastated they are. 

In this challenging time I think we can all help in different ways. You can donate physical items, food vouchers or money. Yesterday, we gathered 450 disposable masks to donate to people in Lismore via GIVIT. If there’s anything you think we can help or give some business in the affected area a shout out, please reach out.

And as for the war in Ukraine, I have no words 😢 I admire the bravery of the Ukrainian who fight for their country but I also feel extremely sad for people who lost their homes and their loved ones.  I have created this print in response to the invasion in Ukraine. All the profits of this print will be going to UNHCR - the UN Refugee agency. 

To send help to the people of the Ukraine, here are two organizations you can support directly:

UNHCR Ukraine Emergency

UNICEF's Ukraine Emergency Fund

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