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Forget about Black Friday Sale - Bring in the Colour Friday!

Forget about Black Friday Sale - Bring in the Colour Friday!

Have you ever wondered why Black Friday Sale can be the worst nightmare for small businesses? Not only We can't offer massive discounts like the big corporations; we also missed out on the opportunity to market our products and services due to limited budgets. (for example, our budget to spend on Facebook ad is $500 a week during Black Friday Sale while big companies would probably spend $500K or even more during that week) As a result, during the Black Friday Sale, local small businesses often go unnoticed and buried beneath the shadow of giant corporations.

In the upcoming weeks, you'll likely see enticing sales promotions from industry giants like Amazon. We aren't asking you to stop buying from them; instead, we want to gently remind you to shop mindfully. Consider purchasing only what you truly need, while keeping in mind that your support for local small businesses means the world to us. By choosing to buy even just one Christmas gift from an independent store this year, we collectively have the power to reallocate millions of dollars within our communities.

That's why we propose a shift from Black Friday to Colour Friday. Join us, advocates of small businesses like yourself, in voting with our money for the kind of world we want to live in. Let's make a conscious choice to support local businesses that are the backbone of our communities. By doing so, we can create a future where everyone thrives together. Next week we'll bringing out some incredible Mystery Christmas Gift Box/Bag just for our advocates, if you haven't join my mail listing, please sign up here to get early access! 

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