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Suki McMaster Melbourne Artist Lunar New Year Illustration Year of Rabbit

Happy New Year

I can't believe I haven't update my journal for almost 2 months 😱 How slack!

The last 2 months were such a blur, all the markets we did, Christmas, New Year, family visiting, work, we are all over the place! It feels good that I can finally sit down and get back to my routine today! 

There are a lot of exciting projects on my plan this year but before I share them with you, let me quietly work on them first. I will reveal them a bit later.

One thing I can tell you though is this year, I'll be focusing more on my website and collaboration, so I'll be doing less interstate market. Last year we have done 10 markets in 7 months, and it was exhausting! I wasn't thinking much when I sign up all these markets, I think it's also because after COVID I want to do as much as I can, and I wasn't thinking how much energy these markets consumed.

At the same time the last 4 markets we did at the end of the year was very ordinary, judging they were the Christmas markets, and the money we made, I was a bit disappointed. 

Anyway, we will never stop going to market, it's fun, it's nice to see everyone face to face, we're just having a break for the next few months so we can dedicate our resources to other part of the business and we will come back when we're ready.

Suki + Daisy

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