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I want to share a story with you today

Suki McMaster Business Journey - Trade Show Experience

My first trade show was a massive fail. It went so bad that I cried every night.

Trade show is an event that held every 6 months for retailer to meet suppliers.

When we first start the business we want to sell our products to shops so we did the trade show straight away. We knew not much about wholesaling but we decided to give it a go. The stand on its own costs us $10k, We've heard that trade show can be busy so we drove down to Melbourne with my in-laws to give us a hand. 

My heart broken into million pieces when we've got no order for the first day. I felt so sad that I let everyone down. I felt so discourage that no one likes my work. I felt so bad that I have wasted so much money. 

Looking back, we were with a pretty bad organiser but we've also gotten into this without doing a lot of homework. We have done the best we could at that time but now I think about it, we could have wait for another 5 years before we get into any trade show. 

I still want to cry today when I thought of those moments but the thing is, we all have failed somewhere in our lives, some are costly, some are painful, the main thing is we can pick ourselves up and keep going.

It’s a very tough time for small business at the moment and I hope my story gives you the courage to keep trying ❤️

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