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Melbourne Artist Suki McMaster Victoria Flooding Illustration

Supporting Local Business

Melbourne Artist Suki McMaster Illustration Victoria Flooding Small Business Support

Chatting to my stockist in Meldon few days ago. She was telling me how the flood has indirectly impacting her business. Although her business (kids gifts shop) is not in the flooded area, her little business was doing pretty bad because majority of her customers are in the flooded area so no one is coming to shop. And because everyone from the city or other area thought that her area was flooded so no one from the outside is coming either. 

I never thought of how impactful the flood can do to everyone in our community or even our state and our country. 

This conversation inspired me to draw this illustration, our small business alone on a little island in the flood water. I hope We are all going to do our part to give our our small business some love this Christmas. 

Shop local. Vote with your money. Show our country where our future is heading to. 


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