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The invisible work

The invisible work

Suki McMaster Melbourne Artist Designer Baby Onesie Set Ocean Theme

Suki McMaster Melbourne Artist Designer Baby Onesie Set Kangaroo DesignSuki McMaster Melbourne artist ocean illustration

Suki McMaster Melbourne artist behind the scenes product production

There is so much work involved before the products get onto the shelves and all that hard work I call them the invisible work.

Today I have received my newborn set which I designed in May last year. A lot of the time, from drawing to the final products, it may take a few months to a year to get everything done. For example these baby newborn sets here, after I drew the pattern, I have to send it to the manufacturer to produce samples, and because this is my first time to see this pattern on fabric, there are some back and forth about the colours and the drawings adjustment.

Lucky for me this is not the first time we have the newborn set so I already know how the final products look like, otherwise we will have to wait for another sample production to approve the products. By saying that, we have changed the size of the packaging so there is more work involved.

On my end, after all these back and forth with our manufacturer, it's time to make money so we can afford the production. The markets that we did last year weren't as great as I expected so it took me longer to get the money to support the new products. By the time we have the money, it's holiday time around the world so there are more delays again...

I have been feeling sick to my stomach in the last few weeks because the Trade Show that we have booked in is only one week away and our products were nowhere to be found. The trade show costs me more than $6000 and it's the most sickening feeling not knowing whether you have products to sell or not... 

Anyway, I am so glad that they are finally here and I am really happy with how they turn out. I hope you like them as much as I do. 

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