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Colouring in Competition

Colouring in Competition

We have been having a lot of fun doing colouring in competition since the pandemic began. I love seeing kids artworks. They inspired me. Only kids at certain age are not afraid of colours, not afraid of colouring outside the line, not afraid of being crazy. I see all the beauty in it.

Growing up in Hong Kong, being creative, or I should say being artistic, was never encourage. I went to a lot of drawing classes when I was little but never dare to tell my mum I want to be an artist. And also, mum secretly brain washed me that all artists are homeless. 😭

So as a little kid, I love to enter all kind of drawing competitions, just to prove that I am good at it, just to say "look I am not homeless - yet!" 

Now getting older, I love encouraging kids to be creative, to pick up colour pencils and to be crazy. And most importantly, have fun! Being creative is an important skill, a lot of people associate "creative" is being artistic, but the truth is, creative simply means you find different ways to solve the problems and think out side the square. I think to be able to drive in different ways to get from point A to point B is creative.  

Not everyone can make a living out of art, but that's ok, the main thing is you find something that you enjoy doing and that's all it matters. 


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