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Keep Swimming

Keep Swimming

This is how my day looks like in the past 250 days of lockdown. Sewing machine, coffee, drawings, packing orders, taking photos and videos for social media. ❤️ Working by yourself sometimes can be very alone, I wasn't lonely coz there are a lot of you message me everyday. I am very lucky to have an amazing gang here to support me. 💛
But there are days that I feel alone, like today when I was packing away all the stocks from the shop, I wonder if this is the last time I pack up. I took 90% of the products back to the shop few weeks ago and I just let them sit there and sit there. I think part of me is hoping the shop will suddenly opens. I think I have that little hope in me that doesn't want to let go yet.

This is the moment when I feel really really alone. I feel like I am floating in the middle of the ocean alone and you cannot see any ground anywhere close to you. I feel like screaming but no one can hear me. There's this big hole in my heart that I cannot see the bottom. 
By saying that though, a business person is meant to face uncertainty, I am not a good swimmer, but I will keep swimming. This pandemic can be a great opportunity. It forces us to position ourselves differently. It makes us to see the future differently. 

If you have a small business and you feel the same, I just want to let you know you're not alone, keep trying, we'll be the last man/ woman standing.

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