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You've Got This

You've Got This

Thank you for giving me the privilege to send your family and friends gifts in the past 400 days.❤️ I really enjoy it. I love gift wrapping and writing cards for you. I love reading all the messages. I feel love, happy and excitement from all of you. 

When you get on social media these days, you see people celebrating what they have achieved, from small things like making a beautiful cake to big things like getting a new job or starting a family. Everyone is sharing their win but we hardly see anyone sharing their lost. 😥 As much as we love to celebrate milestone moment with our friends and family, we also want to support them during hard time. To encourage, celebrate, and support our friends and family not only on the highs of life, but also on the lows—the misses, the failures, the not-so-great moments. 😌

Let’s be encouraging to one another. Let’s meet failure with empathy and acknowledgment and not try to sweep it under the rug or expect to bear it alone. It’s not just about sending a message and say you’re sorry that they are sad, it is about letting them know that it’s ok to be sad, let’s take a moment to acknowledge their sadness and you are here for them. 👐🏻

And this is what this You’ve Got This gift box is about. We want our friends to know we’ve got their back. We want them to have that cup of tea or hot chocolate, have a smell of the essential oil or the lavender in the bath, acknowledge their feelings, then pick themselves up  and have the courage to move on. 
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