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Make Melbourne Great Again

Make Melbourne Great Again

I was walking in the city last week and it broke my heart to see so many small shops are closed and the coffee shops are empty. As a shop owner, seeing this give me the goose bumps. I need to be positive and optimistic. I want to help out so I have this Make Melbourne Great idea. 

I took this photo with my favourite Melbourne brands. I hope you will share this photo on your social media and tag some of the Melbourne brands that you love. Tell your friends to do the same. Let those incredible hard working brands and business be seen and be heard. If we all give our Melbourne brands a shout out hopefully we can keep everyone alive. 

Each week of December we're going to feature a Melbourne makers on our website and in our Queen Victoria Market shop. You will see their beautiful products with a little brand info showcasing at a prime spot in our shop. 

This year is exceptionally hard for small brands that rely on markets. Designer markets are not only the source of our income but it's a great way to catch up with our followers. Since there's no market this year, I worry a lot of the brand are forgotten. I hope by showcasing different makers at our shop each week will reminds you how wonderful these small business are. 

Last year we have donated a thousand bamboo cups to the koala hospital at Port Macquarie. This year, as much as I want to support my fellow Melbourne makers financially I have no money myself either. I don't make money from this campaign. It's a pure intention to help small business like us. To let them know that we love them. 

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