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Samatha Wills - Of Gold and Dust, Memoir of a creative life

Samatha Wills - Of Gold and Dust, Memoir of a creative life

I went to Samatha Wills conference with my husband few years ago. I was never a big jewerly fan. I have never seen her work. But I've heard of her brand. I knew she started at Bondi Market. 

Her speech at Business Chicks made a great impression on me so when I saw her book I bought it straight away.

I really enjoy Samantha's book.  For a creative small business owner, this book speak to you, in away that make you feel you're not alone. You are not crazy. I remember one thing that she mentioned at the end of the book, "there's no work life balance" for creative people, our brain is constantly creating. And I thought how true is that. There were some big moment in her business time and I can totally feel it as if I was there with her. My heart was broken when she lost herself and her brand in New York. I can imagine how easy it was for a small business to lose themselves and try to be someone they are not. I can imagine how much you want to be with other brand "up there". And that makes me understand how important it is to stay true to yourself and to your brand. 

 A lof of people say Samatha Wills was an overnight success, she starts from Bondi Market, she's luck and she's pretty. But a lot of people didn't see the hard work, the anxiety, and the heart break behind the brand. I do think she's lucky but you have to work extremely hard to catch the opportunities when it comes to you, otherwise you still won't make it work. 

Anyway, if you are not a fan of her work. I think it's still worth a read. This book is so full of ups and downs. As if Samatha Wills is right in front of you, showing you all the excitement and heart break of her business life and personal life. It is a good long weekend read.


To be truth to yourself.

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