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So negative!

So negative!

I have never love the word negative so much until today. I wish I am forever negative!

Although we have been living with COVID for more than a year now, it still wasn't feel close enough until I went to get my first COVID test done. The test by itself is fine, like I said, I pick my nose all the time so it doesn't feel too bad, I did worry the nurse would move a bit too deep and hurt my brain. But then my husband said it probably will take a while for the nurse to reach my brain lol if you know what he meant...

I think it's the fact that when you drove into the testing site, you see all the staffs "welcoming" you in a full protective gear, they checked your details again and again, then you feel wow, this is real. 

I am so thankful to all the medical staffs at all testing sites, even the people working at the car park. Imagine if we're not doing the right thing and exhausted the system... imagine there are not enough medical officers... imagine we don't have enough testing kit... it takes everyone to work together, to do the right thing. I hope everyone is safe and well. You never know what will happen tomorrow, call your people and tell them you love them. ❤️

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