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What We Have Learnt From Trade Show

What We Have Learnt From Trade Show

Trade shows are such an important event for retailers and brands. Although we have done trade shows a few times there are still so many things for us to learn every single time! 

There are few things I want to reflect on after the show and the first thing is don’t plan everything so late! Presentation is everything! Instead of a U shape layout, we’ll try to put everything more to the front next time so that people can see when they walk past. I think we will have to put our best seller right at the entrance so that will bring people into the stand. We have left it a bit late to plan our stand so I feel like we could have done better on presentation. 

The second thing that I think we can do better is our pricing. I saw a few brands are doing bundles and I think it’s a great idea for cards and shopping bags. We could have offered a discount or a stand for retailers who order the shopping bag bundle. 

On the bright side, after many years of experience at trade shows, I have to say I am much more confident when I talk to clients. As an introvert, it is very hard for me to stand in front of people to sell my own brand and it’s still hard. But the truth is, I know we have a really good brand, we are unique, and I know my products sell well in the shops. I am very proud that I finally have the courage to tell people we’re good. I am no longer that shy girl hiding behind the counter and hoping people will just give me the money and go. I am no longer that person who thinks she’s not good enough. 

I learn a lot everytime we do an event. I feel very lucky and privileged to have this experience. 

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