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Write To Me - Lined Journal. Trying

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We love the sentiment of this journal notebook with bright and cheery artwork by Rachel Castle. Pave the way to new ideas or tick things off a big project list. Putting pen to paper can also be therapeutical – it doesn’t have to all be about work or study. Keeping a journal or notebook can also be used for writing out thoughts and emotions. There is no right way or wrong way to keep a journal or notebook – it is a personal journey that puts you on the right path to achieving what you want in life. Worthy of your notes, scribbles, brainstorms, lists, projects, dreams, visions, emotions, gratitude’s, goals, notes, and plans. 


There are so many benefits and reasons to keep a daily notebook. We use our lined journals to keep on track of everyday. I keep one to take to meetings and keep my daily to do’s and I keep another to jot down and flesh out ideas. Research has proven that writing by hand helps you remember more and process information better. So the action of putting pen to paper far outweighs and makes me so much more productive than any digital format. Journals also never run out of batteries or get accidentally erased or corrupted!!

There are also so many other ways to keep a journal or notebook beyond a tool for work that can fuel your soul and have you put pen to paper.
Quote. Keep a log of quotes that motivate or inspire you that you can refer to in one place.
Books. Keep book club notes, reviews or books to read.
Dreams. Write your dreams when you wake so you can reflect on their meaning.
Lists. The keeper of your to do lists out of work. Perhaps things to do around the house or daily to do’s that are not work related.
Projects. Use as a project planning tool to map out a creative project or renovation.
Gratitudes. Create a habit of noting daily gratitudes to build and reflect on with each passing day.
Travel. Use to plan a trip or keep as a travel journal.
Creative. Use as a creative writing journal to note down prompts and to flesh out ideas.
Brainstorm. A place to keep your good old fashioned brainstorms.
Dear Diary. use as a dear diary. Write out what happens in your life as you feel like confiding your inner private thoughts.
Visions. Manifest all you want to achieve by keeping a vision journal. Use note only to write but also stick in images of inspiration.
Affirmations.Writing your affirmations can set your mindset and help you work towards achieving your goals.
Recipes. Scrawl out recipes you find online or in magazines that you want to remember.
Hobby.Keeping a notebook for your hobby project means you can plan and also note inspirations and references.
Note-taking. If you are doing a course or attending a seminar you definitely need a notebook so you can remember all the points.
Goal Setting. Goals can be all sizes. Big goals need breaking down into smaller goals, then lists in order to achieve them.
Event Planning. With so many facets to creating an event use as a trusted sidekick to keep suppliers, notes and plan.
Spirituality. Diving deep into spirituality involves putting pen to paper to map our your inner thoughts.
Exercise Planning. Use to plan and create exercise goals and refer to to keep on track.

  • 148 x 210 x 17mm | 5.8 x 8.3 x .7in


  • Cover Beautiful linen hard cover
  • Title Gold embossed title and spine
  • Pages 144 pages. 100 lined & 44 blank
  • Endpaper Illustrated end papers
  • Paper 120GSM FSC certified paper 
  • Binding Case bound
  • Ribbon Ribbon marker
  • We Recommend Using a ball point pen
  • We Recommend Photos dots, double sided tape or acid free washi tape for sticking photos

Designed in Melbourne, Australia

Write To Me own the copyright of this journal.

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