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Thank you 2021!

Thank you 2021!

It's that time of the year again - looking at what we have done this year 😭 I don't know how you feel but this year has gone incredibly fast to me. It's definitely a challenging year but there are still some moments that make me smile. 🌟 We managed to go to Brisbane's Finders Keepers market which helped me to recover from the trauma of closing our second shop at Queen Victoria Market. It gave me hope and courage to continue to navigate in this uncertainty. ❤️ My designs are at the Spotlight store and that is definitely a dream come true moment. When I saw a lot of you purchase my fabrics and turn them into sunhat, dresses, bags and something beautiful and creative, that makes my heart sing. 🥰 2021 has also given me the opportunities to focus on our online store and understand more about our customers. I think before COVID, even the first year of COVID, I haven't really seen our online presence as an opportunity, in fact, I have been seeing it as a supplement of our retail shop and didn't give it my full attention. During this year, I have gained a lot of insight and also have a lot of thoughts of what we can do to make our online shop more relevant and interesting. 💛 There are a lot more other moments that I want to share with you all  but the most important thing I want to say is Thank YOU to all of my supporters, my gang and my cheerleaders - your orders keep this business alive and today I am still standing here is all because of you .(OMG I am getting teary here...)  2021 was challenging but it could be worse - being sad and being alone. So thank you for having my back. I will continue to work my best in 2022, in fact I've already had an exciting plan 🤣 so stay tuned, I can't wait to show you more!

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