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Suki McMaster Life InStyle 2023 Sydney Trade Show Retail

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It’s time of the year again! We’re heading to Sydney for the trade show! Trade shows are usually held twice a year and it’s for business only. So retail shops come and visit the trade shows and order products for their shops. It’s the time to make money and also make connections. There are businesses that will want to see you at the trade show a few years before they order. They want to see the businesses that they are dealing with are committed because they don’t want to buy from someone for one time, then they have to look for another supplier again. It makes a lot of sense because like our little shop at South Melbourne, I don’t really have time to look for new suppliers all the time. If someone produces good work and is nice to work with then I just want to stick with that brand for as long as I can.Trade shows are expensive, our stand this time costs us about $7000 and that’s not including paying someone to work at the shop, our accommodation, and our petrol. As I am hoping to expand more in wholesaling this year, I really look forward to the trade show next week. Hopefully we’ll make enough money to cover everything!



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