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Suki McMaster Melbourne illustrator surface designer

It doesn't hurt to be...

I hardly work at the shop these days but while I am at the shop I noticed something interesting that everyone is angry!? 🥴 and I wonder why.

As a shop keeper, we normally acknowledge the customers when they come in, and we probably leave them be and let them browse unless they need our help. So we're not trying to annoy people or being pushy, for us to say hi, it's simply a polite gesture to say "hey I know you're here"

You know I have a super colourful and happy shop that you think only happy people will come in. You'll be surprise to find out how many cracky people attracted to my shop 😭 you'll be surprise to see how many don't acknowledge my friendly face 🤣 and how many just simply don't care.

As the festive season is approaching soon, I have some simple thing to ask - please be kind. It doesn't hurt to be happy. It doesn't hurt to put a smile on your face when you walk into the shops. It doesn't hurt to think of other people around you.

Suki ❤️

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