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Thank you 2023

Thank you 2023

2023 has been a very weird year for me! 

If I have to sum it up in one word, that would be - LOST  😭

I feel like 2023 has gone so fast and I have been lost in a lot of areas. 

I thought I have started off the year really strong, knowing what I am doing and everything, at that time, our tea towels sold really well so I decided to put more effort in producing tea towels.

However after the trade show in Feb I noticed the baby onesie sets sold even better so I was thinking to more effort in that, and little did I know, our wall prints really took off in July and it kind of changed my plan again!

But the funny thing is, at the end of the year, the winner is actually our reusable shopping bags! 🤣 So life is like a box of cookies isn't it? You thought you know what you're getting but you actually don't know. 

To make things even more "fun" I was studying ecommerce for 6 months and while I was studying I looked at things very differently, and of course, that made me even more confused. 

I am so glad that 2023 has (almost) came to the end, I can't wait to start 2024!


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