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Handmade Canberra Market Breaks the Mold for Small Handmade Businesses

Handmade Canberra Market Breaks the Mold for Small Handmade Businesses



Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Handmade Canberra market, and let me tell you, it was a game-changer. As someone who has explored countless markets over the past ten years, I was blown away by what set this event apart. The passion and support shown by the organizer for small businesses, especially those in the handmade sector, were truly heartwarming.

From the little details in marketing and setup to the thoughtful floor plan and even the parking and accommodation arrangements, Handmade Canberra leaves no stone unturned in creating an environment that not only embraces small businesses but also helps them realize their full potential.

I remember those days when I used to handmade everything myself, it was hard, we spent so much time on making but the profit margin wasn't high at all, and because we only have limited stock, we won't be able to attend a lot of the bigger markets. And when you stay in the smaller markets, a lot of the customers line you up with "cheap" or "immature" and people are not willing to spend money at the smaller market. It's a cycle but Handmade Canberra has managed to turn the tide.

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