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Long weekend to Bright

Long weekend to Bright


I haven't taken a break for at least 5 years. Yes! 5 whole years! Although I have been traveling a lot in the last few years, it's always about work or seeing family, it's never about the three of us (me + my husband + Daisy). We used to travel a lot before we had the business, so we really missed traveling. And last week I said enough is enough, let’s go somewhere, just the three of us, we worry about nothing, we don’t talk about work, we only explore! 

We decided to spend our long weekend at Bright, country Victoria. It is a really beautiful town and we feel so lucky to be there. It is nice to be able to remove myself from work and just enjoy myself with my husband and Daisy. I love that I can finally breathe and to take everything in and enjoy the moment. 

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