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Free Regular Domestic Shipping For Order over $75 ❤️🧡 International Shipping Starts from $16 💙💜 Click & Collect Available at Shopping Cart💛
Free Regular Domestic Shipping For Order over $75 ❤️🧡 International Shipping Starts from $16 💙💜 Click & Collect Available at Shopping Cart💛

Suki McMaster Blog

  • Last Free Shipping For The Year
    November 19, 2021 suki mcmaster

    Last Free Shipping For The Year

    I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve in 5 Fridays! I am stressing out from the inside! 😱 This weekend we’ll be part of the Finders Keepers Online market and offering Free Domestic Shipping to all our online orders. This is...

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  • We Are Back On Saturday!!
    October 28, 2021 suki mcmaster

    We Are Back On Saturday!!

      It feels like not long ago I was so clouded with stress and uncertainty but all of the sudden we are jumping into preparing Christmas and re-opening the shop! The last few days have been crazy. I thought I will have...

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  • Happy 6th Birthday!!
    October 7, 2021 suki mcmaster

    Happy 6th Birthday!!

    Today is our South Melbourne Market shop's 6th birthday! 🎉 Although celebrating today in lockdown isn't the best, I still want to take a moment to celebrate this important day with you all.❤️ We moved to Melbourne from Sydney 6...

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  • Keep Swimming
    September 22, 2021 suki mcmaster

    Keep Swimming

    This is how my day looks like in the past 250 days of lockdown. Sewing machine, coffee, drawings, packing orders, taking photos and videos for social media. ❤️ Working by yourself sometimes can be very alone, I wasn't lonely coz...

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  • You've Got This
    September 3, 2021 suki mcmaster

    You've Got This

    Thank you for giving me the privilege to send your family and friends gifts in the past 400 days.❤️ I really enjoy it. I love gift wrapping and writing cards for you. I love reading all the messages. I feel...

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  • First Jab Done!
    August 31, 2021 suki mcmaster

    First Jab Done!

    If you have watched the interview of the Kylie Fisher, the ICU nurse at Western Health on the news last night you must understand how hard the front line healthcare workers are working for the us right now. I got...

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  • Colouring in Competition
    August 22, 2021 suki mcmaster

    Colouring in Competition

    We have been having a lot of fun doing colouring in competition since the pandemic began. I love seeing kids artworks. They inspired me. Only kids at certain age are not afraid of colours, not afraid of colouring outside the...

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  • Lockdown 6
    August 7, 2021 suki mcmaster

    Lockdown 6

    I don’t know where to start but I feel like I have been neglecting my blog for a while.  Since the last blog post, Victoria has experienced 2 lockdowns. Mum asked me how I feel and I said, honestly I...

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  • The Great Escape
    June 29, 2021 suki mcmaster

    The Great Escape

    I would never thought of my holiday will end like this. We planned to go to NSW to visit my in laws during the school break. I had a bad feelings that I shouldn't be going because there were a...

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