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Suki's Creative Journal

  • Suki McMaster Melbourne Artist Lunar New Year Illustration Year of Rabbit
    1月 21, 2023

    Happy New Year

    I can't believe I haven't update my journal for almost 2 months 😱 How slack! The last 2 months were such a blur, all the markets we did, Christmas, New Year, family visiting, work, we are all over the place!...

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  • Suki McMaster Melbourne illustrator surface designer
    11月 18, 2022

    It doesn't hurt to be...

    I hardly work at the shop these days but while I am at the shop I noticed something interesting that everyone is angry!? 🥴 and I wonder why. As a shop keeper, we normally acknowledge the customers when they come...

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  • Melbourne Artist Suki McMaster Daily Inspiration
    11月 5, 2022

    My normal day

    As a business owner, I don't really have a "normal" day, my schedule change all the times and it really depends on what I am doing next week or next month. The days that I enjoy the most tho is like...

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  • Melbourne Artist Suki McMaster Victoria Flooding Illustration
    10月 30, 2022

    Supporting Local Business

    Chatting to my stockist in Meldon few days ago. She was telling me how the flood has indirectly impacting her business. Although her business (kids gifts shop) is not in the flooded area, her little business was doing pretty bad...

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  • Suki McMaster Melbourne Artist Colour pencils original artwork dog in rain yellow umbrella
    10月 25, 2022

    Hello And Welcome!

    Hello! Thank you for even clicking on this link to check out what this is about 🤣 Here - my creative journal, I am going to share with you my daily drawings. I'll share some of my creative process and some...

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  • Suki McMaster Melbourne Artist Original artwork
    10月 25, 2022

    Daily Inspiration

    I get asked where I've got my inspiration all the time and the truth is I've got my inspiration everywhere! When I first started the business, I was being bullied at my last job so a lot of my drawings...

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